oh I wish YOU were here :"(


" Kenapa tidak engkau bercinta saja dengan dirimu y' sempurna.. Engkau mau malaikat 
turun dari kayangan , sesempurna bidadari ,
  • Mengapa mendambakan isteri sehebat Khadijah
  • andai diri tidak semulia Rasulullah SAW 

  • Tidak perlu mencari isteri secantik Balqis
  • andai diri tidak sehebat Sulaiman

  • Mengapa mengharapkan suami setampan Yusuf
  • seandainya kasih tak setulus Zulaikh

  • Tidak perlu mencari suami seteguh Ibrahim
  • andai diri tidak sekuat Hajar dan Sarah"

People like this, go go digging a hole! Korang boleh blah! And such bogus, the one GOOFY lady, 
there was not a person who denied your, beauty, intelligence, and 'kegedikans' also.

Em rude? Ill-mannered? Brassy? OH. YES, UNLUCKILY I AM! Such-up-to-a-new lady, 
like trrr, you have pretty face. But not even pretty behavior. You can call me a little girl who 
cares and curls up too much, but you must realize and mirrored thee-self invariably. See? 
No the blame on you, any fallaciousness, I hate you, that's all I know. 

Canang situ, canang situ said thee is a big-to-be girl, tapi ni ke sikapnye? 
If that so, I really wish to see your ruination.
So bad kan? Tapi ingatlah, I'm not a stupid buffalo elephant 
who can be ' kotak katikkan ' easily. 
Thee grazed my happiness!!
So please, jangan pernah masuk campur lagi. Fed up sangat dah. Tolong, 
and I'm begging-with-pride over you, not too
hunger on him. (Dia pun satu, bodoh) 

He is not fully stupid, tapi lembab. Kura kura emas. Trrr, waiii, one day 
you'll see, How much I'm hoping to blow 
thee away, bitchy. ^^ Tee-hee.

Thanks for reading ;)

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